How Do I Preserve Turnips? Good Question

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s a good garden and preserving question from Lexy:

I was distracted during planting season this year, and instead of planting an abundance of golden beets, I planted too many Purple Top White Globe Turnips! I like turnips, but I had planned on pickling the golden beets. Does anyone have good chutney, pickle, or other savory preserve recipes that involve turnips?

Lexy, we confess we haven’t had any experience with pickling turnips. (Hopefully some of our readers have, and can offer some advice!) But the pickles up top look great; visit the Flickr page for some details on these “quick pickles” made with radishes, turnups, soy and sesame sauce, plus a few other things.

Also take a look at some of our basic ideas for pickling garden vegetables:

(Image: Flickr member Laurel Fan licensed for use under Creative Commons)