How Do I Peel a Plantain?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: The one time I tried to prepare plantains, I could not peel them for anything!

What is the secret — or did I pick bad ones?

Sent by Robin via Facebook

Editor: Robin, yes, plantains can be a little tricky! They look like bananas, but their thick, tough skin is deceptively tricky to peel away. If a plantain is anything but utterly ripe (as when it is black and very soft) you will need to cut its tough jacket away. Here is a great series of photos from Meseidy at The Noshery, demonstrating how her Puerto Rican grandmother taught her to peel plantains:

Readers, any tips for peeling plantains? Do you still use this method when they’re very ripe?

(Image: Meseidy of The Noshery)