How Do I Optimize Traveling to the Grocery Store on Foot?

updated May 30, 2019
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Q: I am lucky enough to live within walking distance of multiple grocery stores, but I can’t drive. On top of that, I have a chronic lack of energy, and I use a cane. It can be hard to pick up all we need; I can only carry so much with one hand!

I’d like to hear how similar shoppers manage it.

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Editor: During the times when I need to make a trip to the grocery store on foot, a backpack has always been my friend. I can load it up without it making too much of an impact on my speed, and that way, you can keep your hands free. Also, don’t underestimate the folding grocery cart (sometimes called a utility cart). When I lived in NYC, this handy little cart was a lifesaver. Find the right one and it might be able to double as a cane while you’re making the trip.

I’d also check out whether your local grocery store delivers. Historically, this service was only offered in large metropolitan areas, but the service has expanded quite rapidly to mid- and small-sized cities. If you’re grocery store doesn’t deliver, a grocery shopping service like Instacart could be an option.

And don’t underestimate the buddy system. If you have quite a few things to pick up, maybe you can enlist the help of a friend and offer to cook them dinner.

Kitchn readers, what strategies do you employ when you are picking up grocery by foot?