How Do I Make Soft Caramels Without Corn Syrup?

updated May 1, 2019
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Q: I have successfully made your recipe for caramels multiple times, but had been looking for a way to make them without corn syrup, as I try to avoid that particular ingredient whenever possible.

I tried a recipe using honey, which ended up having an unpleasant aftertaste. I then tried to use maple syrup, but that batch burned early on in the cooking process. I then tried a recipe using golden syrup, but that batch started to look dark and smell slightly burnt during the first stage of cooking, and when I finished cooking it and poured it into the pan to harden, it looked abnormally dark and ended up having a burnt aftertaste (even though I followed the directions exactly).

What might I be doing wrong? How can I make soft, chewy caramels without using corn syrup? It must be possible, because people were making caramels long before the advent of corn syrup, but I can’t seem to figure it out!

Sent by Rachel

Editor: Readers, do you have a good soft caramel recipe that doesn’t use corn syrup you can share?