How Do I Make and Preserve Tomato Sauce? Good Questions

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Q: We’re having a bumper crop of tomatoes here in the Northwest this year. In years past we’ve canned diced tomatoes for use throughout the year, but this year we thought we would like try making and canning our own tomato sauce.

Can you make any suggestions of recipes for the tomato sauce and any suggestions for preserving?

Sent by Matt

Editor: Thanks for the question, Matt! Tomato sauce is one of the first things that many people can, and it’s responsible for getting lots of people into preserving. Remember this guy who canned 1000 tomatoes?

Making tomato sauce is really, really easy, and canning tomatoes isn’t much harder. Also, you don’t have to even can tomato sauce; if you have freezer space you can freeze it instead. Here are a few recipes from the site, and some resources for canning information.

Here are some other resources on tomato sauce and tomato preserving.

Making quick tomato sauce, ever so slowly at A Way To Garden, and part of Summer Fest.
Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products at the National Center for Home Food Preservation

Readers, do you preserve tomato sauce, through canning or freezing, and do you have good advice for Matt?

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