How Do I Keep My Cast Iron Skillet Seasoned?

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Q: Okay, I know how to season a cast-iron skillet, but how do you keep it seasoned? I never use dish soap on mine (just water or a quick wipe with a cloth) and I use it often enough, yet every time I use it the “sheen” disappears and my food sticks. What am I doing wrong?!

Sent by Vanessa

Editor: I can think of two things that might be going on here. First, if you started with a new, unseasoned cast iron skillet, it can take a good while before it becomes truly nonstick. Even pans that come pre-seasoned can take some time to get into a groove. In this case, be patient with it and use a little extra oil in your cooking.

Second, be sure that you’re re-applying a thin coat of oil to the pan after you clean it. This helps protect the metal and improves its nonstick super powers.

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Readers, what other suggestions do you have for keeping cast iron well-seasoned?