How Do I Keep Christmas Cookies Fresh?

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Q: I would love to start my Christmas cookie baking, but am afraid that my cookies will be hard by Christmas. I’m thinking of making chocolate chip, oatmeal scotchies, and gingerbread men. Will storing them in a tin, bag, or tupperware keep them fresh into the new year?

Sent by Katie

Editor: When the list of Christmas cookies you’re making stretches from here to the North Pole, getting a jump-start on the process is always a good idea. For the short term, store each type of cookie separately in an extremely well-sealed container. Air is the enemy here and the culprit for drying out the cookies. The solution is to add a slice of soft white sandwich bread; all the moisture in the bread slowly transfers to the cookies and because of its neutral flavor, the flavors of the cookies won’t change.

Since you’re aiming for these cookies to make it into the New Year, the freezer is probably your best bet. Use freezer-safe bags, remove any air, seal them well, and don’t forget to date the bags. Pull the cookies out a few hours ahead and let them sit at room temperature for about an hour and they’ll defrost like a dream. This is going to work best for chocolate chip, sugar, oatmeal, and gingerbread cookies.

Sandwich cookies (and anything with stuffed cream or filled with jam) can be frozen as well. However, if you don’t mind a two-step process, freeze them without any filling and assemble before serving or shipping for the freshest taste.

Any other tips on making and storing Christmas cookies ahead, Kitchn readers? We’re all ears!