How Do I Keep a Roasted Leg of Lamb Warm?

published Jun 24, 2015
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Q: I need to roast a leg of lamb and bring it to dinner at a friend’s house.

How do I keep the lamb warm? Is there a way I can reheat it at my friend’s without drying it?

I’d love to know if there’s a system that can also be applied to other roasts.

Thank you!

Sent by Giuliana

Editor: Large, whole pieces of meat actually stay warm for quite a long time and benefit from the resting time, so the meat stays nice and juicy. I would recommend having the lamb finish cooking right before have to leave for your friend’s house. The meat will have a chance to rest as you travel but will still stay warm for an hour or two before it’s time to eat.

If you feel like you must reheat it, I would cover it loosely with foil and reheat at around 300°F until warmed through again.

Readers, any other tips for keeping a roasted leg of lamb warm?