How Do I Get Creamy Broth from Slow Cooker Beans?

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Q: Whenever I cook beans in my slow cooker, they come out perfectly cooked, but the broth is thin and watery — not the creamy, slightly glossy deliciousness that I prefer.

I often end up dumping the beans in a pot when I get home and simmering for a while. This usually does the trick, but it also negates the “no cooking” part of using a slow cooker. I have also tried adding less water at the beginning, but this often leads to the water evaporating, the beans being above the water line, and thus becoming crunchy and half-cooked.

Does anyone know any tricks to achieve the creamy liquid during the prep stage of the beans?

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Editor: Readers, do you have any tricks to get a thicker broth out of slow cooker beans?