How Do I Clean the Stains Off My Nonstick Baking Sheets?

(Image credit: Williams Sonoma)

Q: I received some of those great nonstick baking sheets for our wedding last year: Three of the “gold” kind from Williams Sonoma and one large one from Sur la Table. I was repeatedly assured by friends they were “the best,” and they have been. But now they have all started to get orange-colored stains.

I cannot seem to get them off with regular sink washing and elbow grease. Because they all have nonstick finish, I assume I should not use steel-wire or Bar Keeper’s Friend on them like I do with our stainless steel pans. Is there any way to get them to look like new again and clean off those stains? What should I clean them with other than dish soap?

Sent by Holly

Editor: I know stainless steel and aluminum pans sometimes develop a natural patina over time — it’s a badge of honor! I don’t know if nonstick is supposed to develop the same patina, though.

Readers, any suggestions on this?

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