The Best Ways to Get Sticky Cooking Grease Off Cupboards

published May 5, 2014
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Three years ago, we asked you guys if you had any brilliant tips to help a reader clean her light-colored wood kitchen cabinets. “They have a film of dusty cooking grease on them,” said reader Barbara. “What is the best product or way to clean them? I have tried soap and water with a non-scratching scrubber, but the results weren’t satisfactory.”

We got so many great responses, we thought we’d round up the 10 best tips. There should be something here to help you, if you’re struggling with the same issue as Barbara.

1. Murphy’s Oil Soap, $6.50 for 16 ounces

Meant for wood floors and wood furniture, this cleaner has been on the market for more than a century and is also often used on cabinets, tile, and linoleum.

2. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, $10 for eight

We’ve already gone on the record about how much we love this magical Magic Eraser. If there’s a job it can’t do, we haven’t found it yet. We’ve used it to clean stove tops, wipe down refrigerator shelves, and even to get stains out of clothing.

We haven’t tried this one, but a reader mentioned that, if you let it sit, the cleaning solution does most of the work for you. And we like that!

4. Powdered dishwasher detergent

You might not have this stuff on hand, if you’ve switched to liquid or pod capsules for your dishwasher, but it’s worth a shot. May as well buy some and give it a try — at least you’ll be able to put the leftover detergent to good use in the dishwasher.

5. Goo Gone, $7 for 8 ounces

The name says it all. This stuff is a common go-to when it comes to removing stickers, wax, glue, window decals, glitter, gum, and more.

6. White vinegar and dish soap

White vinegar is a powerful (and inexpensive!) cleaning tool that we turn to again and again. We had never thought about mixing it up with dish soap until we read this tip.

7. Lestoil, $18 for three 28-ounce bottles

This concentrated heavy-duty cleaner means business. It’s touted to be able to tackle the toughest stains and messes like ink stains, grease, oil, and more — from all sorts of surfaces.

8. Windex, $13 for two 26-ounce bottles

A few readers suggested glass cleaner and a few were specific enough to name Windex.

9. Ammonia

Mix up a solution that’s half water and half ammonia and use a rag to clean the doors. Just make sure you’re working in a well-ventilated area.

10. Oil

If oil can cut through the grease and condition your wood, why not give this one a try?

How do you clean dusty cooking grease from your kitchen cabinets?