How Do I Clean Burnt-on Food from My Stovetop?

published Sep 1, 2015
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Q: I was recently making cheese, and the milk boiled over, spilling on the stovetop (not glass). I was multitasking, and figured I’d just get to the spill later.

Well, now it’s finally later. I’m preparing to move out of my apartment but have to clean this burnt-on milk before I do.

It’s so obvious, I can’t hide it. I’ve tried boiling water, and lots of scrubbing, but it didn’t work. Any advice would be great. I don’t want to scratch the range, as it’s not mine, but I’d love to get it off ASAP.

Sent by Ro

Editor: I would suggest trying Bar Keepers Friend, which you can find with cleaning supplies at most stores. You can also use baking soda, following a similar method we use on the oven.

Readers, do you have tips for Ro on how to get this burnt-on milk removed from her stovetop?