How Do I Clean a Black, Burnt Blob Off My Oven Floor?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I recently baked a coffee cake that has a blueberry puree layer in the middle. I used a springform pan and unfortunately, due to either myself or the pan, some of the blueberry dripped on the bottom of the oven. It then hardened into a burnt crispy blob and no matter how hard I try, I cannot get it to come off! I was able to scrape a decent amount off, but only the top layer.

Any suggestions on how to clean something like this? Or am I doomed to have this scratchy burnt splotch forever reside on the bottom of my oven?

Sent by Jennifer

Editor: Jennifer, oh we hear your pain. We had something like this happen recently, and only a great deal of boiling water was able to remove it. You can pour boiling water on the burnt splotch, and scrub it with steel wool. But you can also go the toxic-chemicals-route and use an oven cleaner spray to get it all really clean.

Readers, any other creative ideas for Jennifer and her burnt-on spot?

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