How Do I Choose Healthy but Tasty Takeout Lunches?

(Image credit: Emily Han)

Q: I’m starting a new job soon that provides free lunch for all employees every day! The company has a corporate Seamless account, and each employee can choose whatever he or she wants for lunch.

But I’ve never eaten out this much in my life!

In my previous jobs, I’ve brought ingredients for salads and left them in the office fridge — healthy and cheap. I’ve always considered eating out or getting takeout to be a luxury, but now it will be most economical for me to get takeout every weekday.

What are some techniques for not getting carried away from a health standpoint, while at the same time taking advantage of this great opportunity to try some delicious food? I live in New York City, so the possibilities are pretty endless!

Sent by Katya

Editor: Readers, how would you enjoy this great company perk but still make healthy choices?