How Do I Adapt My Cooking Style to a Professional Range? Good Questions

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Q: The cornerstone of our tiny kitchen renovation, a 24-inch BlueStar range, was installed last week. Ordinarily a confident home cook, I am embarrassed to admit that I am somewhat overwhelmed by the open burners and high/varying BTUs. Aside from what I know requires a gentle simmer or good sear, I find myself unsure of when to go full-on with the heat and when to have more restraint.

How can I use the range to its fullest potential without overdoing it (if that is possible)? I would love to have your or readers’ opinions on how to adapt to cooking on a professional-type range.

Sent by Barbara

Editor: Barbara, congratulations on your new stove! Our main piece of advice comes from Sara Kate. She said that in cooking school the instructors always reminded them to pull things off the heat instead of fiddling with turning the heat up and down. This may seem obvious, but for us it was a great lesson. When you’re working with the power of a professional stove, don’t forget you can modulate its effects by just pulling pans halfway off the heat; you can see the effect much more quickly that way than by turning the heat down.

After that, we will throw this one out to the readers and see what kind of advice they can give. Did you ever switch to using a professional-style stove, in the home or at work, and if so, how did you adapt?

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