How Can We Make Flavorful Meals Without Salt?

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

Q: About a year ago we switched to unsalted foods, but we are still having troubles with many dishes to get a rich taste.

Could you recommend some ways to get a real kicker from otherwise not so flavourful meals without getting them too hot ?

Sent by Martijn

Editor: Martijn, we’ve received similar questions from other readers, and our first tip is always: Lemon. Lemon and other bright, acidic foods mimic the sharpness and freshness of salt on the tongue. Instead of seasoning a piece of fish with salt, squeeze lemon over it instead.

Also, build flavor with meat stocks, simmered down after long cooking, and with wine and herbs. Here’s a peek at some of those tips in a piece on cooking for the elderly, who often need to have less sodium in their diet.

That’s just a start, though. Readers, do you follow a low-sodium diet? If so, how do you build flavor in your meals?

(Image: Emma Christensen)