How Can I Use Up Leftover Egg Yolks? Good Questions

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Q: I recently made a delicious beautiful white cake for a friend’s birthday. It went over so well that I’m planning on making all sorts of variations for future cakes.

However, it calls for 8 (EIGHT!) egg whites. I’m opposed to buying those cartons of egg whites, but I also hate to throw all those delicious yolks away. I’ve already made more mayo and dressing than I can use. Any yolk-friendly recipes?

Sent by Mo

Editor: Mo, the classic way to use up a lot of egg yolks is custard. Lots of egg yolks, cooked gently into cream or milk with a little sugar and vanilla, makes the most divinely rich ice cream custard. You can also make hot custard sauces or baked custards, or a custard pie filling.

Ice Cream Basics: Recipe for a Custard Base – Uses exactly 8 egg yolks! Maybe your signature dessert can be white cake with homemade custard ice cream?
Recipe: Apple Custard Tart
Rustic Pear Custard Pie

One other use for egg yolks is to cook them into our hot breakfast cereal for a little extra richness and protein. You can hold egg yolks in the fridge for a couple days, covered by a little water, and use them each morning in your hot cereal. See instructions for that here:

Readers, what are your favorite ways to use up a lot of leftover egg yolks?