How Can I Use Up Ginger Syrup?

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Q: I recently made a big batch of candied ginger for my holiday baking. As a result, I have about a pint of ginger syrup leftover from the process. What can I do to use up all this syrup?

We’re adding it to cocktails and putting it on pancakes, but that doesn’t use that much. Does anyone have any suggestions for using large quantities of ginger syrup?

Sent by Annie

Editor: To your list of pancakes and cocktails I would add stirring the syrup into coffee, pouring it over ice cream, and baking this lemon yogurt cake with ginger-thyme syrup. If you bake a few, they freeze easily and can be defrosted and drenched with ginger syrup right before serving.

Kitchn readers, any other ideas for using up ginger syrup?