How Can I Use Dried Lemongrass?

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Q: I live at the end of the earth (the southern tip of Chile), where many global culinary ingredients are hard to find, so I was delighted to see lemongrass show up at the grocery store recently. It came in dried form, which I’ve never used before. Any recommendations on how to utilize it to maximize the flavor?

Nearly all mentions of dried lemongrass online urge the reader to use fresh instead, but as there is no chance of fresh lemongrass making it down to the sub-Antarctic, I am wondering how to make the most of what I’ve got. Most of the recipes I found online are to use it in/as tea. I am wondering about soups and curries. Should I rehydrate it first? Grind it to a powder in my spice grinder? Wondering if anyone has had success helping dried lemongrass reach its greatest potential. Thanks for any tips you can share.

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Editor: You can certainly use dried lemongrass in soups and curries (no need to rehydrate). Maybe give it a try as a part of an herb rub for meat.

Readers, have you ever cooked with dried lemongrass? What’s your favorite way to use it?