How Can I Tone Down a Too-Spicy Dish?

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Q: I recently bought a stir fry sauce that a friend recommended, and while it has good flavor, it is way too spicy for me and my family.

Any good tricks on how to temper or to tone down the spice without just covering it up?

Sent by Christine

Editor: Christine, it depends on what you mean, exactly. If you’re talking about a dish that is already made up with the stir fry sauce, we would probably add some broth, extra vegetables, and other things to thin out the spicy flavor and spread it among more food. If, though, you’re asking about using the sauce in future stir fries, we would simply use much less paste, and supplement it with a homemade stir fry sauce:

Readers, any ideas for Christine?

(Image: Nora Maynard)