How Can I Store Leftover Wine (and How Long?)

published Jan 13, 2010
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Q: I had a party and we opened a bunch of bottles of wine. How do I not waste that wine? I’m drinking as much as I can (Haha — I don’t want to waste any!) but there’s only so much I can drink or use in sauce before it goes bad.

Any ideas? Can I freeze it? How long will wine be good for in cooking before it goes bad?

Sent by Cherie

Editor: Cherie, first of all, we have to admit we’re pretty cavalier about wine for cooking. We’ve been known to leave open bottles (tightly re-corked) in the refrigerator for up to two weeks, and then turn around and use it in a stew. The flavor deterioration that would bother us if we drank old wine tend to not be an issue when cooking with it.

You can also freeze it. Some people freeze wine in ice cube trays or in small baggies.

Readers, how do you deal with storing leftover wine for cooking?

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