How Can I Stock-Velvet Meats at Home?

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Q: Both Pei Wei and PF Chang’s restaurants offer stock-velveted meats on their menus. I have tried finding a recipe for stock-velveting at home, but can’t find one. Any tips on how to do this at home?

Sent by Melissa

Editor: Stock-velveting is a riff on the Chinese method of velveting or twice-cooking. For the traditional cooking technique, meats and other main ingredients are first deep-fried in oil and then stir-fried with aromatics.

Stock-velveting takes a similar approach but poaches the ingredients in stock rather than oil before the stir-fry step. This results in a dish with much less fat but with similar textures and flavors as the traditional (though Chinese food aficionados will be quick to point out that there’s really no comparison with true twice-cooked dishes).

I didn’t have much luck finding recipes either. I’d suggest just jumping into the kitchen and giving the “poach then stir-fry” method a try! Poach meats until they are just barely cooked and vegetables until they are crisp-tender. Then stir-fry them very quickly over high heat so they stay moist and don’t dry out.

Readers, do you have any recipe suggestions or other ideas?

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