How Can I Save a Salty Dish?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I added too much salt to my greens; is there anything I can do instead of throwing them out?

Sent by Claudia

Editor: Yes! Don’t throw out those greens. There are a few tricks to try before tossing them.

Add Potatoes

Because they’re highly absorbent, adding a few halved potatoes to an over-salted dish helps by sucking up some of the excess salt in the cooking liquid. Remove the potatoes from the greens once they’re cooked.

Rinse the Greens

Not an ideal choice — especially if you’ve gotten quite far in the cooking process — but rinsing the greens can help remove any salt that hasn’t been absorbed. At this point, it’s a question of how badly you want to salvage the dish.

A Twist of Lemon

Lemon’s astringent flavor provides balance to salty flavor. It won’t physically remove the salt the way a potato will, but in addition to adding more greens to make the overall dish less salty, the lemon can even the flavor out.