How Can I Make Perfect Yogurt Every Single Time?

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Q: I started making yogurt a few months ago and the results have been rather inconsistent. My friend’s mother showed me how, which is basically the same method The Kitchn posted. I didn’t have a thermometer the first time, but the result was what I consider perfect yogurt. Beginner’s luck, maybe, the batches that followed got progressively worse.

I’m using the same organic, pasteurised milk I used the first time, and I’ve tried different yogurts as a starter. To incubate it, I use the oven or the yogurt maker my friend gave me. I’ve also been paying close attention to temperature and incubation times. Oh, and the jars are always sterilised before being used. So, what am I doing wrong? The yogurt I’m getting is still pretty good, but there’s a lot of whey and the texture is not as smooth as it was at first.

I’d appreciate any suggestions you may have. I’m not ready to give up yet! I’m resistant to go back to the (expensive) store-bought yogurt we like and all the plastic containers.

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Editor: If the main problem is that your yogurt is separating into a solid layer with lots of whey, it might be that you’re letting it incubate for too long. Try checking it a few hours before you usually do and see if you catch it at a point where the texture is perfect.

When I get a batch that separates a little too much, I also find that whisking it vigorously returns it to the thick, creamy texture I love.

Readers, what are your suggestions?

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