How Can I Make My Tiny Home Ready for a Dinner Party?

(Image credit: Christopher’s Non-Negotiables/Small Cool 2013)

Q: Help!! Hubby and I are having guests over on Sunday (some of whom are senior citizens). We have no dining room table. Our home is small. We have a wee kitchen counter where we’re planning to eat so our guests can sit in the living room, which is next to the kitchen. This is going to be so awkward. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

We typically eat from folding wooden tv tables and we plan to have the guests sit in the living room and dine from the tv tables.

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Editor: A dinner party is never a bad idea! Good food, good wine, and good company are all you need. It will be fantastic, I’m sure of it. Take a look at these posts for some small-space inspiration:

Readers, what’s your best advice for making a small space ready for a dinner party?