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How Can I Make Homemade Wine From Ripe Bananas?

updated May 2, 2019
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Sent by Godfrey

Editor: I came across references to banana wine when I was doing research for my book True Brews, but never tried it. However, all fruit wines work on the same principle: dissolve some sugar into water, mash your ripe bananas (or other fruits) into the sugar water, and add wine yeast. Keep it in a fermentation jug sealed with an airlock for a few weeks, strain out the fruit, let it age until it tastes good and drink!

If you don’t have access to wine yeast or fermentation equipment, you can also make a more rustic wine by combining everything in a jug and covering the opening with a cloth to keep out dust and bug. It will start to foam and ferment in a few days. The result is less predictable, but still a fun brewing experiment!

Readers, have any of you ever made wine from bananas?