How Can I Make Coconut Ice Cream Kosher for Passover?

updated May 2, 2019
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Q: I want to make your Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip Ice Cream for the second Passover Seder, but I’m avoiding corn for Passover. Will the consistency suffer without the corn starch? Might it work to use equivalent quantities of coconut cream (skimmed from the top of the can of coconut milk) to help achieve the desired thickness?

I checked out some other coconut-based ice cream recipes on-line and read that one blogger suggested chilling and using only the cream from the top of the coconut milk in order to make the ice cream thicker and creamier.

Also, if I wanted to omit the nuts and chocolate and add unsweetened medium shredded coconut, how would you recommend I do that? Raw? Toasted on a cookie sheet at a low temp? Throwing into the ice cream canister when the ice cream is almost at desired consistency? Do you think that shredded coconut will make the consistency too…..hmmm…..too interfered with?

Also, I’ll be using an old-fashioned crank machine. That shouldn’t make any difference, right? What is the yield of the recipe? I apologize for attempting to mess up your original recipe, which looks beautiful. If you’re willing to entertain my questions, I’d be grateful! Any other insights or advice would be most welcome!

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Editor: Ok! Great questions! Before we jump into it, here’s the recipe we’re talking about for reference:

I really like your idea about using the cream from the top of the coconut milk. I’d suggest keeping the 2 (15-ounce) cans, but then adding another can and just using maybe 1/2 cup or so of the cream from the top of the can.

I think it’s fine to do away with the chocolate and nuts and use about 1 cup of shredded coconut instead. I’d definitely toast the coconut at 300°F until just starting to turn golden. Add it in the last minute or so of churning. The texture of your ice cream will be smooth with chewy and crunchy bits of coconut — if that sounds good to you, then go for it!

I also think using a crank machine will work fine. I don’t think it would make a difference. This recipe as it is written makes roughly 5 to 6 cups of ice cream.

Readers, what other advice do you have?