How Can I Make Chunkier Cookies?

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Q: My chocolate chip cookies run into each other in the oven and turn out super flat more than half the time. What am I doing wrong?

I’m assuming that temperature has something to do with this, but I often bake cookies from pre-formed, frozen dough that I keep in the freezer for when the urge strikes. So I would think frozen dough would alleviate the problem but it doesn’t seem to.

I use the classic Nestle Tollhouse recipe, and I use decent quality ingredients.

Any advice or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!

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Editor: There are a couple of factors that cause cookies to spread and become thin: high sugar content, the kind and amount of fat, creaming the sugar and butter until they’re really light and fluffy, and a lower oven temperature.

To make your cookies chunkier and softer, I’d start with creaming the sugar and butter a little less thoroughly. I’m also a fan of the Tollhouse Cookie recipe (here’s proof!), and I actually prefer to mix these by hand instead of in a mixer. I’ve had good results getting chunkier cookies this way.

You can also try cutting back on the amount of butter, even back to just a half cup (1 stick). Make sure the butter is soft, but not melted. I’ve noticed that batches made with butter that I softened a little too thoroughly in the microwave bake flatter than those with butter that was softened on the counter.

If these two tricks don’t give you quite the cookies you’d like, try trimming back the sugar a bit or bumping the oven temperature up to 400°F. Here are a few more resources to help:

Readers, any other advice for baking chunkier chocolate chip cookies?