How Can I Make Better Fat-Free Yogurt Dips? Good Questions

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Q: I was wondering if you had any insight on dips. Lately I have been trying to make veggie dips with fat-free Greek yogurt and everything has fallen kind of flat compared to their full fat sour cream counter parts.

Any ideas, recipes or tips you could share?

Sent by Brian

Editor: Brian, one way to help your yogurt-based dips along is to drain the yogurt overnight before using it. To do this, hang the yogurt in cheesecloth (or in a clean handkerchief!) and let as much liquid as possible drain out. That way you’ll get the thickness and texture of fuller-fat yogurt without the fat.

Another tip for better-tasting dips is to build up flavor with cooked onions or garlic. We love deeply caramelized onions whizzed with really thick yogurt and some herbs. Or try lentils, cooked with garlic, blended with a little yogurt and pepper. Here are a couple recipes to try!

Readers, any other ideas for Brian?