How Can I Keep Rice Noodles from Sticking Together?

published Sep 20, 2010
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Q: I love incorporating Asian rice noodles into my stir fries, but they always tend to stick together like mad! After soaking in hot water to cook, I’ve tried quenching in cold water or coating with some sesame oil before tossing into the stir fry, but neither method has worked for me.

I’d rather not have to drench them in oil. Any ideas to keep my rice noodles separated?

Sent by Ashley

Editor: Ashley, our biggest tip for you is: Make sure you’re not overcooking the noodles. As you note above, the best way to cook thin rice noodles is to simply submerge them briefly in hot water. Drain and rinse with cold water. They will finish cooking in your stir fry or in the hot sauce. But if you overcook them they will turn gummy and get much more clumped up.

It is normal, though, for them to clump up to a certain extent; tossing them with your sauce in your stir fry should loosen them as they get coated with the sauce.

Readers, any tips on this for Ashley?

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