How Badly Do You Want to Try This 24-Karat Gold Doughnut?

(Image credit: Manila Social Club)

Just like people, there are many types of doughnuts in this great, wide world. There’s the classic, unglazed cake doughnut; the gluten-free doughnut, with extra sprinkles; and then there is the $100 doughnut that just came out of Manila Social Club in New York.

This gold doughnut is very, very special. Let me explain.

What makes a doughnut worth $100, you might ask? A lot of things. This doughnut is filled with ube jam (purple yam) and Cristal jelly before being topped with a Cristal icing and 24-karat gold flakes. It might sound ridiculous, but people are buying them by the dozens (at a reduced rate of 12 for $1,000, of course).

The brainchild behind this doughnut – Björn DelaCruz – is the founder and head chef at Manila Social Club in Williamsburg. The restaurant, which specializes in Filipino food, was recently written-up in The New York Times for its interesting take on classic dishes. DelaCruz insists that the gold doughnuts are not meant as a gimmick, explaining that the ingredients simply taste good together. We’ll see about that.