How Are You Cooking Your Turkey?

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The great turkey debate! Number one, are you even making a turkey for Thanksgiving? Number two, if you are, how are you cooking it?

The Thanksgiving turkey may be one of the most revered and dreaded culinary rites of passage. Its overwhelming bulk and weight of tradition strike fear into the hearts of novice and seasoned cooks alike. It’s not the sort of thing one cooks every day.

It seems that some families are turning to other options. We prefer a good leg of lamb or even a couple roast chickens. Is the turkey an outmoded centerpiece of Thanksgiving? Or do you cherish it with the other Thanksgiving traditions?

And how are you cooking yours? Deep-fried? Grilled? Roasted? Thompson-style? Braised in pieces, a la Mark Bittman? Tell us!

(Personally, I think my Crock-Pot is going to involved this year. It’s a Low-Key Thanksgiving. More on that next week.)

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