How 14 of Your Favorite Cocktails Got Their Names

(Image credit: Nealey Dozier)

You might readily order a Bellini at brunch or a mojito at your favorite Mexican restaurant, but do you know how those cocktails got their names?

As part of their ongoing quest to explain everything, Mental Floss has a list of the origins of some of your favorite cocktails’ names.

For example, the humble combination of sparkling wine and peach nectar we call a Bellini was actually named because it matched a hue frequently found in the paintings of Giovanni Bellini.

A few other notable names: The Rob Roy, which is a Manhattan made with Scotch whisky, was named to celebrate the opening night of a Broadway show that was based on the life of a Scottish folk hero. And the earliest origins of the julep are from the Arabic word for rosewater: julab.

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