Housekeeping Help: 15 Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Clean, Tidy, and Smell-Free!

Housekeeping Help: 15 Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Clean, Tidy, and Smell-Free!

Cambria Bold
Dec 31, 2012

Whether or not you clean as you go, everyone needs to clean the kitchen at some point. From how to get rid of fish odors to how to repel house flies, from how to remove red wine stains to how to care for a wood table, here are our best tips to get you motivated and make the whole task easier.

• 1 Sanitizing Techniques in the Kitchen: On Handling Meat and the Bleach Debate
• 2 Tip: Repel House Flies With Cloves
• 3 Smelly Hands? Remove Food Odors with Coffee Beans
• 4 A Checklist to Help You Speed-Clean the Refrigerator in 20 Minutes!
• 5 3 Kitchen Tools To Clean Right After Using

• 6 The Best Way to Clean the Stove's Greasy Burners?
• 7 Tip: Cleaning Spotty Knives with Lemon Juice
• 8 Hate Washing Dishes? Try The 'One Soapy Sponge' Trick
• 9 How To Remove Red Wine Stains: What's Your No-Fail Trick?
• 10 Your Table Will Thank You: 5 Ways to Care For a Wooden Dining Table

• 11 How To Clean Your Kitchen (and Keep it Clean) in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days
• 12 Tip: Dry Metal Cookie Cutters in the Oven
• 13 Smelly Oven: How to Get Rid of Fish Odors
• 14 Smelly Garbage Disposal? Why to Avoid Grinding Up Onions
• 15 Boiled Dry: Can This Pot Be Saved?

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