12 Clever House Cleaning Tools That’ll Get at All Those Hard-to-Reach Places

updated Apr 7, 2021
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Spring cleaning season is here, which means it’s time to roll up your sleeves and really get scrubbing. One of the most daunting parts of any deep clean is definitely the labor involved in getting into all those tight, awkward spaces in your home that you probably haven’t touched in months (or … ever?). Whether you’re dusting the ceiling fans and cabinet tops or scrubbing the stubborn gunk caught in your shower grout, there’s always a little elbow grease involved in getting the job done. To give you a head start, we’re sharing our favorite clever cleaning tools that make getting those hard-to-reach places sparkling clean way less grueling. The dirt, dust, and grime hiding in all those tricky places (yes, even your car vents) will be history, and a clean home is in store for your future.

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The high-powered steam emitted from this handheld Bissell cleaner is enough to get all the stains hidden in crevices that were probably a headache to clean before. "I decided to get a Bissell to clean my gas charbroil and it works great," wrote one Walmart reviewer. "[My grill] is a commercial one with a very large drip tray. The steam dissolved all the grease."

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This nifty little gadget accomplishes the impossible task of making microwave cleaning fun. Simply remove the head, add vinegar and water, then heat it up for seven minutes. As steam comes out of mama's head, dirt and stains are loosened for easier cleaning. Voila! Your back-breaking microwave scrubbing days are over.

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We're thrilled about the recent release of the Dyson Omni-glide, which was designed with tricky-to-clean spaces in mind. It's a small-space-friendly model that can float in any direction to get into all those hard-to-reach areas, and it even has dust-detecting lasers.

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Water bottles, thermoses, and baby bottles can't be well-cleaned with a regular sponge or dishcloth. This bottle brush cleaner is L-shaped, making it perfect for scrubbing the bottom of tall drinkware. The removable handle detaches to unveil a thinner brush that can thoroughly scrub glass rims or catch leftover food particles inside blenders and juicers.

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This TikTok-famous gadget actually is the real deal. The small-but-mighty cleaner does a tremendous job at sucking up dirt and stains found in carpets, car and furniture upholstery, and even mattresses. By the time the job is done, your place will look and feel like you hired a professional cleaning service.

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Blinds are notoriously hard to clean — but not with this three-pronged duster! This cleaner includes five microfiber cloths that can pick up dust on both sides of the blade, and the sleeves can be washed and reused.

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The electronic brush head and extendable handle take the grunt work out of cleaning your shower, which is one of the most labor-intensive areas in the home to clean. This nifty device helps you scale the walls as well as scrub the tub (all without bending down), and the adjustable neck of the brush head means you don't have to contort your body to catch the grooves of your tub.

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You'd be shocked at how much lint is lurking within the crevices of your dryer that the filter doesn't always catch. This vacuum hose attachment can help you to remove years of built-up lint since its extra-long hose can get deep down into the vent. It's also great for getting into other hidden areas that are otherwise nearly impossible to clean, like refrigerator coils.

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Electronics can get quite icky over time. That's why we're loving this double-sided brush that deep cleans laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The soft bristles sweep away dirt and debris from keyboards, screens, and corners. The brush is also retractable and comes with a storage cover that keeps both ends protected when not in use.

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Cleaning your home from top to bottom just got a lot easier! This dusting wand will make all of your home's filth disappear like magic (well, it'll feel as effortless as magic). It has a bendable head that makes it easy to reach ceiling fan blades and crown molding corners.

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The dirt hiding in your tile grout, around sink crevices, and along other borders and surfaces doesn't stand a chance against this cleaning tool. The small brush has angled bristles and a wiper blade designed to get at thin grout lines and other tight nooks and crannies. The large brush is great for deep cleaning shower door tracks, stovetops, and other tough-to-reach spots.

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Cleaning your car's console can be very time consuming. Before you throw your hands up in defeat (and then pay tons of money to get it detailed), invest in this easy-to-use cleaning gel. Just press it into the car air vents, steering wheels, console panel, storage bins, cup holder, door handles, and dashboards to catch lint, dust, crumbs, and other "goodies" that often accumulate in the car.

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