Hot Rice Breakfast Drink

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A breakfast that’s quick, nourishing, adaptable, and uses up leftovers? Yes, please!

We originally found this Hot Rice Breakfast Drink recipe at Whole Living. It’s simply a combination of cooked rice, heated in a pan with milk to cover, and flavored with honey and cinnamon. The result is warm, creamy, and very easy to make first thing in the morning – perhaps with leftover rice from dinner the night before.

The original recipe calls for skim milk, but we have made it with whole milk and hemp milk and any other alternative milk would do. We have also enjoyed it with a drop of rose water and sprinkle of cardamom.

You can serve it as is or whiz it in a blender to give it a smooth consistency, which makes this kind of like a hot horchata. We just use a hand whisk to froth it up before pouring into a glass.

Get the recipe: Hot Rice Breakfast Drink at Whole Living

(Images: Emily Ho)