Hot or Not? The Scrap Trap Scrap Catcher

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This little doohickey has one simple function: Catch the scraps you swipe off your countertop. While we think this is a serious unitasker and probably a totally unnecessary piece of plastic, we also feel a little wistful about it. We never seem to be able to clean off the counter without dropping half our scraps on the floor! What do you think — would this gadget be worth the space it takes up?

Overall, this really doesn’t replace a bowl or box for catching scraps in the kitchen. (We’re most successful when we pull the whole trash can or compost bin under the counter to catch the scraps our sponge sweeps up.) But we still do have coordination problems; we always seem to be splattering vegetable scraps or flour all over the floor!

How do you clean your counters after cooking? Do you have any tips for getting them neat and clean, and keeping your floors clean at the same time?

• Find the gadget: Scrap Trap Scrap Catcher, $9.99 at Taylor Gifts

(Image: Taylor Gifts)