Hot or Not? Potato Gloves from Contor Design

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We spotted these potato gloves a few days ago and were stopped in our tracks. Gloves? Just for washing potatoes?

As for ourselves, we’ll probably stick with our old fashioned scrubbie. We just can’t see ourselves pulling these on every time we go to wash the grit off our potatoes or any other root vegetables. Maybe if we worked in a commercial kitchen and had to scrub hundreds of potatoes at a time, these would be useful.

Still, we appreciate the thought. Anything that makes washing vegetables a little less onerous is fine by us. We get a kick out of the word “potato” stitched onto each one. Plus, look how much fun that mother and daughter are having!

Could you see yourself using these in your kitchen?

Potato Gloves via Swiss Miss
Potato Gloves from Contor Design

(Image Credit: Contor Design)