Hot or Not? Herbs in Tubes from Gourmet Garden

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There are some products, like tomato paste and wasabi, that we love to keep around in tube form. But herbs?

This line of herbs in tubes comes from Gourmet Garden. They market their product as a convenient time-saver for the busy home cook. The herbs are grown following organic practices (though the company is not certified organic), have no artificial flavors or preservatives mixed with them, and supposedly stay fresh-tasting for several months in their tube. There are 10 different herb products, including basil, garlic, dill, ginger, and parsley.

When we first saw this product on the grocery store shelf, we immediately recoiled. Herbs? In tubes? It seemed unnatural and a little silly given how easy it is to get fresh herbs even year round. No matter what revolutionary process they follow to preserve the herbs, we just can’t imagine they taste as good as fresh.

But then we started thinking about all the times we realize we’ve run out of an herb right before we want to make a recipe. Or how often herbs seem to go bad before we use all of them. Even if it’s not as good as fresh, having a product like this in the fridge might be really great to have for emergencies.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these Gourmet Garden products?

(Images: Gourmet Garden)