Hot or Not? Get a Grip Wine Glass Holders

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We met a few of the good folks from FRED at the Housewares Show, and we thoroughly enjoyed their high spirits and witty sense of humor. This sense of humor infuses all their products, most of which still manage to be rather practical as well.

Now there’s these wine grips, modeled perhaps on bicycle handles? We’re looking forward to plenty of picnics and backyard fêtes in the warm weather, and these handles give you a firmer grip on your glass as you balance it with a plate in the other hand. They also helpfully color-code glasses – much nicer than those twee charms, in our humble opinion. But these may be still not quite right. We put it to you…

We’ve mentioned FRED’s Equal Measure Cup and Banana Handle in the past as well.

Here’s some purchase info for these little handles:

Get A Grip! Wine Handles, $9.99 at Perpetual Kid