Hot or Not? Organic Batter Blaster

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As we’ve said before, we’re not too keen on overly-processed foods, and we have a stubborn resistance to cake mixes, but there are sometimes exceptions. We’re curious to know what you think of the Organic Batter Blaster, which is a spray-on pancake batter in a can. Is it Hot or Not? Make sure to click through and read all the details below before voting, though!

It’s the epitome of laziness; all one has to do is heat up a griddle or waffle iron, add cooking spray or oil, and then spray the Batter Blaster on. It makes us feel a little guilty, especially when we can make our own pancakes and waffles from scratch.

However, upon closer inspection, we discovered that not only is the product organic, it’s also environmentally-friendly. The entire container is recyclable, and the aerosol is made with ozone layer-friendly CO2. It can’t be all bad! So, we’re curious as to what you, dear reader, think. Who doesn’t take cooking shortcuts now and then?

We can see how this would be good for camping trips – it reduces time, waste and extra dishes to wash. This can also be good on busy weekends when we have relatives visiting and need to make breakfast for 8 (gasp!)