Hot Dish! 12 Gratins, Bakes, & Casseroles from The Kitchn

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There are almost as many names for casseroles and gratins as there are recipes. It’s a rich genre of cooking, including everything from Italian lasagna to Indian biryani to American tuna casserole. It’s also an improvisational genre, with the best casseroles being mixes of leftovers and simple food, like the French peasant food the onion panade. Here are about a dozen casseroles from The Kitchn, with one layered baked dessert thrown in for good measure!

I mentioned last week that I am just finishing up my first cookbook, which is all about fresher, more modern casseroles. As I developed and tested recipes I became very impressed with the range of flavors and convenience that casseroles offer. I honestly wasn’t too much of a fan of baked casseroles for most of my life, but now I have serious respect for the little old casserole. Yes, there are lot of terrible casserole recipes out there, and I do avoid most dishes involving canned soup, but there is also serious possibility in layered, baked dishes.

Here are a few that we’ve enjoyed, here at The Kitchn. Some are still quite indulgent, like the sweet potato gratin and the lasagna. Others are attempts to really lighten up and freshen up the traditional hot dish. See the potato kale gratin and the lighter mac and cheese.

• 1 Just as Good! Lighter Mac and Cheese Casserole – Review of a gooey, chewy, but lighter mac and cheese.
• 2 Broccoli Casserole – Creamy, cheesy, and no canned soups required.
• 3 Mushroom Casserole from 101 Cookbooks – Another review, this time of Heidi’s very inspiring mushroom casserole with wild rice.
• 4 “Ham and Cheese” Breakfast Casserole – Egg, sausage, cheese, bread.
• 5 Kale and Potato Gratin – Simple, delicious, and light.

• 6 No-Boil Chunky Cheese Lasagna – Slightly quicker lasagna.
• 7 Chicken (or Turkey!) Pot Pie – A classic savory pie.
• 8 Shepherd’s Pie – Quick and easy, and topped with leftover mashed potatoes.
• 9 Potato, Squash, and Goat Cheese Gratin – A reader favorite!
• 10 Nicole’s Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups – A quicker version of manicotti (no little tubes to stuff!)

• 11 Sweet Potato and Sage Gratin – Rich and melting, with a kick of spice to balance the sweetness.
• 12 Tiramisu Bread Pudding – A great dessert casserole!

Do you have a favorite casserole, gratin, hot dish, or tian? How about a slump, grunt, bubbly or pandowdy (all relatives of the fruit crisp variety of casserole)?

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