Hot Design: Jamie Oliver’s Chutneys and Marmalades

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

2009_01_29-Oliver.jpgIt’s no secret that most of us here at The Kitchn have a big fat crush on Jamie Oliver. Ever since the beginning of his Naked Chef days he’s just been so endearing, and so good with that particular brand of quick and casual food. We’ve talked about his warm vintage style, his books, and even meeting the man himself.

So you’ll understand if we gush on a bit about his line of jams and chutneys. We promise there really is a connection (eventually) to home cooking.

We just noticed this line of jams, marmalades, and chutneys at Oliver’s online shop: the Jme Collection. We are totally loving the design of these products; we’re geeking out over the labels and old-fashioned jars. Yes, they’re only available in England, but that hasn’t stopped us from loving the typography.

More to the point, we are actually rather inspired by this collection. We aren’t going to buy any of the jams, marmalads, and chutneys, but we are reminded that we’ve been meaning to make homemade ketchup for a long time. The winter chutney, a mix of cranberries and orange peel, sounds inspiring and we’d like to try to hack a recipe. We also love the label on the lemon curd; we’re totally taking that as inspiration for our food gift packaging next Christmas.

(Images: Jme Collection)