Hot Cross Bun Kit Kat Bars Make Australia More Irresistible than Ever

published Mar 21, 2017
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When the great playwright William Shakespeare wrote, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them,” he definitely was not referring to Kit Kats.

And yet, Kit Kats have definitely had greatness thrust upon them. For some reason or other, these chocolate-covered wafers have become the cult candy of choice across the globe. There is a giant-sized version in the U.S. There are luxury designer editions in U.K. popups. And now there is a hot cross bun-flavored version in Australia.

Yes, hot cross bun Kit Kat bars now exist in Australia.

(Image credit: KitKat Chocolatory )

This special hot cross bun Kit Kat bar is going to be released in Australia through the country’s personalized Kit Kat store, the KitKat Chocolatory. This Melbourne shop, which is one of a line of several boutique bespoke Kit Kat shops throughout Australia and Japan, is featuring the special Easter celebratory treat through Sunday, April 16.

The special Kit Kat, a spin on traditional hot cross buns, features cinnamon, nutmeg, juicy currants, and a decorative white chocolate cross. One small bar costs $6 AUS and is part of a special Easter candy lineup.

(Image credit: kitkat)

Anna Stewart, Nestlé Head of Marketing – Confectionery, says in a press release, “Around Easter, millions of people enjoy hot cross buns and chocolate. In celebration, this year we have redesigned the Easter treat and created a product that will give people the best of both, by infusing an Easter classic with our signature KitKat bar.”

Dried currants are tart, chewy, and have a sweet edge. They are traditional in hot cross buns and scones. In a Kit Kat? Not so much. But hey, after wasabi and rum raisin Japanese Kit Kats (not to mention cheesecake, sake, and a score of other flavors), these sound downright tame.

Kit Kats from all over the world are basically amazing. Sure, you might not like all the flavors, but it’s such a fun, relatively inexpensive way to feel like you are in a faraway land trying candy that you could never find in your local convenience store.

So if you have a friend in Australia, it might be worth it to ask them to send you one of these special candy bars. Or, you know, you could buy a plane ticket.