This Foldable Shopping Cart Will Make Your Grocery Trips Easier (and It Takes Up Hardly Any Space!)

published Sep 4, 2023
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Since I moved to New York City for college, one of the products I’ve gotten the most use out of is my shopping cart. Almost as soon as I started exploring the city, I saw people wheeling them down the sidewalk left and right, and I quickly realized why. Schlepping heavy bags from the Trader Joe’s totally sucked the fun out of getting new food — and made my shoulders ache for days — and after a few trips, I knew that a grocery cart was a worthwhile investment. Even if I didn’t have an extra closet to keep it in, I would find somewhere to store it.

I landed on a metal cart that had stair-climbing wheels, and it has served me well for almost three years — and not just on grocery trips. It was a lifesaver during my move to a new apartment. The only caveat? It wouldn’t fold completely flat, so it took up a ton of valuable storage space under my bed. However, I recently came across a TikTok video that featured an adorable pastel-colored shopping cart that not only holds a lot and can be wheeled up stairs, but it collapses into a small square that’s only a few inches thick. Let me tell you more about why the Honshine Foldable Cart is worth the splurge!

What is the Honshine Foldable Cart?

This cart is a total step up from the typical, drab metal ones. Coming in pastel pink (so you can live out your Barbie dreams), blue, green, purple, or a more neutral white, it’s made from durable plastic, and even though it’s lightweight, the cart can hold up to 150 pounds and 17 gallons. To keep all of your items secure, it also comes with a lid that can bear up to 240 pounds, which is perfect if you need to balance a case of water bottles or a pack of soda on top. You could even sit on it!

If it’s too heavy to pick up, the cart has six stair-climbing wheels, and it has a suitcase-like handle that can be adjusted to three different heights. You don’t have to tilt it for it to roll, though, since the wheels allow it to be pushed flat. As for when you’re done using it, the cart folds nearly flat into a 14-inch by 16-inch square. It has a small plastic handle on top so you can carry it like a briefcase when it’s flat!

Credit: Amazon

What Amazon Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.3/5

“This cart has certainly met AND exceeded my expectations!! I had an older one I bought from Office Depot probably 20+ years ago. It was still useful, but the big wheels used for going up and down the stairs were what initially drew my attention. They are FAN – tastic! They work just as described and make carrying the cart up stairs easy and painless!” – CDBall

“I purchased this cart because I have an abundance of ESL teaching material that I will need to transport to my new school. It’s sturdy and I assume it is durable, as well. The stair climbing wheels are good to have in case the elevator is out of order. No buyer’s remorse here…” – Donata Cusano

“I filled it to the brim with all kinds of things from mugs to books, tablecloths, and displays/pamphlets for our recent student org fair. I wheeled it from my parking garage, up the stairs to the exit, down the sidewalk and 2 blocks down the city streets before making it to the entrance of our school. Up the stairs and into the building I went. It rolled like a dream.” – Chrissey

Of course, you can use a shopping cart for tasks beyond carrying groceries — it’s perfect if you need to carry papers and files into work, if you need to transport art supplies or tools, and more. Though it may seem like a slightly steep price for a cart, you’ll find that with how often you end up using it, it’ll pay for itself.