This Deeply Satisfying Honey Measuring Hack Will Make Cleanup a Breeze

published Dec 7, 2021
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Baking can be a fun way to de-stress, but what isn’t so fun is the dishes that need to be cleaned up afterward. Measuring sticky ingredients like honey and condensed milk can leave a residue in measuring cups, which, in addition to making your measured quantities less than accurate, requires more cleanup. Thanks to one TikTok account, however, that problem might be solved for good.

In a TikTok video posted on December 3 (which at the time of writing has 34.8K likes and more than 690 comments), user @frederikkewaerens shared a #lifehack that involves pressing a measuring cup into a mound of flour and filling the hole it leaves behind with honey. An astute Reddit user has pointed out in a thread about this hack that Wærens is actually measuring golden syrup, not honey, but this method should work with either.

Both Reddit and TikTok users are divided about the usefulness of this hack with some saying that you can use a kitchen scale instead, and others pointing out that the inner diameter of a measuring cup isn’t the same as the outer diameter. Users in favor of the hack, however, are calling it “genius,” “brilliant,” and wondering why they didn’t figure it out before. 

While this trick may have those on the internet splitting sides, if you’re interested in trying this measuring trick for yourself, our recipe for Jumbo Chewy Honey Spice Cookies is great to test it out with. And, in our humble opinion, it’s the perfect one to keep handy for this season’s cookie exchanges and holiday parties.