Honey Butter: Perfect with Popovers (And A Lot More!)

Honey Butter: Perfect with Popovers (And A Lot More!)

Emma Christensen
Nov 19, 2009

Our craving for popovers last week brought back another craving: honey butter. As kids, this was the must-have accompaniment to popovers in our house. It's so simple to make and yet so completely addictive that it's a wonder we didn't beg for it on everything!

All we did to make honey butter was to let a quarter stick of butter soften in a small bowl on the counter. Then we squeezed some honey on top, mixed the two together, tasted, squeezed on some more, mixed, and repeated until the perfect honey-to-butter ratio was achieved. The result is a little bowl of soft silky honey-flavored butter.

The advantage of mixing the honey and butter together instead of just adding them separately is that the butter melts evenly, carrying the honey to every nook and cranny. It's also significantly less sticky and slightly more refined for dinner!

It was probably my mother who came up with honey butter, looking for a way to let us have honey with our popovers without making a huge mess at the dinner table. (Who wanted the honey to begin with? Probably us!)

Then again, we did a quick Google search for "honey butter" and found pages and pages of fellow lovers of honey butter, so maybe our experience wasn't quite as unique as we thought! Other people's versions include whipping the butter in a blender to make it fluffy, adding a dash of cinnamon or vanilla, or even hot chili powder for an adult version.

Do you make honey butter? What do you have it with?

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(Image: Faith Durand; Flickr member david.nikonvscanon licensed under Creative Commons)

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