Hometown Glassware: A Gift for Any Occasion

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We just counted up the weddings we’re due to attend this summer and suddenly realized that we have a lot of wedding presents to buy! And while of course we generally buy gifts off a couple’s registry, if they have one, there are times when a classy, well-thought-out gift is required and there isn’t so much guidance.

So when we saw these custom-etched glasses from Love & Victory we promptly bookmarked them.

These 10-ounce glasses are custom etched with the city (or town, village, or hamlet, even) of your own choosing. You could give the happy couple glasses with their hometown inscribed on them, or the place where they are going to honeymoon, or maybe even a fictional city!

The only question remaining: Is etched glassware too old-school? Too old-fashioned? We don’t think so. We think these are pretty hip, and a way to show off your civic pride too.

Find them: Hometown Glassware, $78 at Love & Victory (Also check out their His, Hers, Ours decanter set…)

(Image: Love & Victory)