What Makes a Good Sandwich Bread?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Let’s talk sandwiches. Specifically, the bread with which these vessels of lunchtime sustenance are assembled. They come in all varieties: homemade and storebought, whole grain and fluffy white, fancy ciabatta rolls and standard square-shaped slices. What’s your pick? What makes a really good sandwich bread?

The cheater’s easy answer is that it depends on the sandwich. This is definitely true — a soft scoop of egg salad has different needs than a sturdy roast beef sub — but I’m thinking a little more basic today. 

I’m thinking of what makes a good standby, day-in-day-out, dependable sandwich bread for all seasons. Is it sturdiness? Good sandwich bread must be able to not only support the toppings we choose to give it, but also survive some knocks in the backpack. Is it tastiness? Cardboard slices are definitely not welcome here.

What do you think makes a good sandwich bread? Do you have a particular brand that you stand by? Or do you make your own these days?