Homemade Solar Cookers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Solar cookers can be purchased for outdoor slow cooking use, and have also been used in developing nations where fuels are scarce. But did you know you can make one? We haven’t yet ventured to do so, but here are a few folks who have:

1 A nice, mirror-lined box cooker constructed of wood via Adventures in Life. Foil can also be used but this maker found that mirrors work even better.
2 A box-type solar cooker made out of an old refrigerator at Penniless Parenting.
3 A student-made solar cooker made from readily available pizza boxes at Simon Fraser University.
4 A carefully calculated cooker via Instructables.

We love the idea of a solar cooker, as they take you outside when you least want to be in and allow you to cook using the heat of the sun. Have you made a solar cooker before? Any tips or tricks to share with the rest of us? And how do you find it operates? Please let us know below!